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air conAirCon and Re-gas - Why have your Aircon serviced?

  • Is your air Conditioning not cold enough?
  • Are your windows not demisting?
  • Do you get a runny nose or headache?
  • Do you hear strange noises when A/C is on?

Your car air con system loses up to 15% of it's refrigerant every year. A poorly performing car air conditioning system can cause a build up of fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator core, causing a smell, sometimes an allergic reaction and can lead to legionnaires disease. Try to get your car air con system serviced every 18 months. It will say that in your car manufacturers service guide, yet when your car is serviced, your A/C system is not normally serviced. It's an extra, chargeable item, but vital to have done.

We are far cheaper than a Main Dealer for a full service and Regas, so you'll save a lot by coming to us! We do Regas for both R134A (old type) and R1234YF (New type)

A poor aircon system can increase your fuel costs as the air conditioning pump need to work harder, so it is a good investment in the economical running of your car.