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Battery Check DerbyshireAn awful lot depends on your car battery. A healthy battery brings the car to life on a cold morning – you’re safe, warm, and on your way. A dud can mean a cold wait, unhappy passengers and missed schedules – and the AA attends over 500,000 battery-related breakdowns each year.

At Cromford Garage we offer a free check on your existing battery.

If you do need to replace or renew your battery we recommend Moura intelligent batteries.

The Intelligent Battery has a lifetime up to 50% greater than any other ordinary automotive battery. Developed with new agents of chemical, electrical and mechanical nature (CEM Agents), the product offers a special performance when faced with the most rigorous external circumstances. In situations under which ordinary automotive batteries suffer, the Intelligent Battery provides corrective responses.

The result is a greater capacity to combat the main problems faced by common batteries, which include: the increase of the temperature inside the engine compartment; intensive and deep discharges, dilatations due to the cycles of charge and discharge, and vibrations that are transmitted from the vehicle to the battery. Therefore, it is especially under the critical situations of operation that the Intelligent Battery differs from ordinary automotive batteries.