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clutch replacementManual transmissions are usually more reliable than automatics and will usually go well over 100,000 miles without a hiccup. But the weak link in a manual geared car is the clutch. The clutch takes all the abuse and wear. With every shift the clutch is disengaged and engaged. Stop-and-go driving in heavy traffic is especially hard on a clutch because the driver is always riding the clutch pedal. After thousands of such cycles, the clutch eventually wears out. It may start to slip, chatter or make noise.

We fit quality replacement clutches by Quinton Hazell, a really reputable supplier. For an extra £30 plus VAT, we can offer you a clutch replacement with a Lifetime Guarantee - is it really worth taking the chance? With this guarantee (transferable on resale)you can have peace of mind and add to the sales value of your car.

All of our QUALITY spare parts are supplied by top Midlands Auto Parts supplier PG Automotive in Matlock. We recommend them to any garage as a reputable supplier.